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 MG 0038a smallWith its 22 year stellar reputation, RESO-TECH  Saxophone Resonators are THE resonators that add an undeniable increase in presence and "pop" to your horn's sound. With RESO-TECH resonators, you will experience enhanced projection, tonal colors and a sense of improved and quick articulation.

For decades, Jazz, Blues, Pop, and Classical players have requested RESO-TECH resonators for their overhauls. Our resonators are available in a variety of materials and configurations that will enhance the natural character of your horn's sound.

We have been making RESO-TECH resonators since 1993 and we continue to manufacture structural advantages that reflect in the sound of the horn.  As one alumnus, player, and technician of the Maynard Ferguson Band said recently:

"... these little jewels really make the horn sing"

RESO-TECH RESONATORS will light up your horns !!!


RESO-TECH Resonators ...
An advancement in the field of woodwind repair, developed by technicians and saxophone players.

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