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About Reso-Tech Resonators

P4130010RESO-TECH Resonators are custom made in a variety of materials in an either flat or dome profiles. We size them for all saxophones, vintage or modern. Oversized sets are also available.

Reso-Tech Resonators come supplied with all attachment hardware to simply install them into the pads.

Finish:  Our Resonators are available in Solid Brass, Sterling Silver, Nickel Plate, or Gold Plate. Our spun finish is unique to the industry. The results are a resonator with enhanced harmonic complexities and richness of sound that are true enhancements or your horn's natural character.

Shape:  Traditional Flat or Domed Profile. Our dome shaped resonators are based on those of the early 1950's and 1960's Selmer MK VI Saxophones with our own systematic scaling improvements.  We, of course, make traditional flat resonators which we believe have virtues of their own. 

Size:  Our sizings are for all vintage and modern horns. Unique sizes for unusual horns can be accomodated and we make oversize sets.


RESO-TECH Resonators ...
An advancement in the field of woodwind repair, developed by technicians and saxophone players.

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