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Best all around choice.  Enhanced Projection, Richness, and Volume.  Darker sounding than Nickel.


Brightest sound.  The most edge.  Rich sound and presents a noticeably more edgy sound than brass or silver. Great for R and B, rock set-ups.  In general, nickel resonators make for a louder horn. 

When used in combination with a lower baffle and big bore mouthpiece, nickel can be great for mainstream jazz - more power while maintaining a darker sound.

Sterling Silver

Very similar to Brass in character. Expensive! Can be in matte finish.

Dome or Flat

Largely a personal choice. Either one sounds great. For further descriptions see the "In Greater Detail" section.


An enhanced fatness and presence in the sound particularly from the mid range down through the lower register. More "bump" in the low notes.  Highly recommended for Baritone.


Spun Finish - The textured, spun finish for which Reso-Tech is well known. 

Matte Finish - The appearance is a uniform Matte  finish.  Same basic sound but with the cool, natural, subtle look of flat metal similar to the original Selmer nickel resonators.

Spun Finish - Spun Nickel Plated Resonators could be considered the Creme de la Cremes of the Nickel Reso-Tech resonators.  They maintain the lightness in weight of a brass resonator with the durability, brightness and complexity of sound of a more agressive finish.

 Combination Nickel - Spun finish.  An incredible resonator. We proudly state that there is NO other resonator like it...


RESO-TECH Resonators ...
An advancement in the field of woodwind repair, developed by technicians and saxophone players.

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